In December 2019, a new novel coronavirus emerged in the Province of Wuhan in China, in February of 2020, World Heath Organisation declared the outbreak to be a Public Health Emergency Globally. In March 2020, World Health Organisation stated that COVID-19 is now a pandemic, affecting all continents.

The World has declared war against COVID-19.

Countries around the world have been battling against the virus, measures were put in place to flatten-out the curve - quarantine is now the new norm. Social distancing, self-isolation, cover your mouth, wash your hands, are all words that are now present in everybody mouths. 

Quarantine is one strategy used to stop the spreading of the virus, isolating the sick from the healthy.
Some of the earliest references to these strategies are found in the books of the Old Testament. 

This is my interpretation of how COVID-19, quarantine and isolation are impacting the world and my life.
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